Human Resources

The Human Resources Department works with present, future, and former employees to address employment issues in an expeditious, efficient manner. The goal of our department is to recruit, hire, and retain highly qualified employees to meet the growing needs of our students and other members of our school community. Among the jobs within the district are: teachers, administrators, para-educators, secretaries, school nurses, supervisors, security officers, custodians and maintenance workers, tutors, behavior managers, technology specialists, substitute teachers, and volunteers.

All employees in the district must complete an on-line application, interview, fingerprints, and meet other requirements consistent with the position. On the attached pages you will find information concerning vacancies, certification, recruitment, application, and salaries.

On behalf of the East Hartford Public Schools, we welcome you to inquire about any of our open positions.


Christopher Wethje
Director of Human Resources

Camille Rice
Human Resources Manager

Zoraida Vega
Human Resources Administrative Assistant