EHPS Core Beliefs

Expectations Matter: We believe our expectations set the bar for performance throughout all district levels. We expect all children to reach their fullest potential as learners and achieve career or college readiness. We achieve our expectations through a commitment to goal setting, high level adult performance, relentless support and continual adherence to system wide accountability. Effort Matters: We believe as leaders, our effort sets the tone, concept and work ethic of the district. We demonstrate effort through our daily actions, our willingness to solve problems and our relentless commitment to excellence. Competence Matters: We believe our personal level of expertise is a relative concept that must continually grow and improve. We are committed to personal growth, to challenging our areas of current weakness and to emphasizing our current areas of comfort and strength. We model for our district what it means to be life long, committed and growing learners. Solutions Matter: We believe our approach to all challenges must be a solution based mindset. We demonstrate this approach by addressing all challenges with optimism, creativity and an insistence that a solution is available to us. We model this approach to our district by refusing to complain, by refusing to give up and by always being willing to take another look. Relationships Matter: We believe that the relationships we share with each other, within our departments and within the district make the difference in getting the results we want. We model strong relationships based on honesty, loyalty and a commitment to working together. Results Matter: We believe that our success as a team and our success as individuals are measured by tangible results. We demonstrate this belief by knowing our current level of performance, setting realistic goals and holding ourselves accountable on a regular basis to these goals.