In accordance with legislation known as Public Act (PA) 09-81, "An Act Concerning the Use of Cleaning Products in schools" school districts must use certified Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP) for daily cleaning and maintenance of their schools. This legislation required schools to comply by July 1, 2011 and to further publish this information on the district's website as well as notify staff annually and parents upon request of the program.

The East Hartford Public Schools Department of Facilities (District) has developed a complete standards-based cleaning maintenance program to promote the health and well-being of the school community. The District intends to maintain this program through the use of high quality, safe, effective, environmentally preferable products; standard procedures for the use of those products and related cleaning equipment; rigorous and thorough training; quality assurance system with corrective action planning; and consultation in the improved management of custodial chemicals/equipment/supply inventory and logistics.

The Department of Facilities is pleased to inform staff and parents that a GREEN CLEAN CERTIFIED JANITORIAL CARE PROGRAM consisting of Custodial Supplies, Equipment, Training, Quality Assurance and Related Support Services was approved by the Board of Education and implemented on June 16, 2008. Products meet the criteria of "Green" with appropriate certification logos such as, but not limited to, GreenSeal, GreenGuard, EcoLogo or Green Label.

In accordance with PA 09-81, Notice to Staff annually and parents/guardians upon request indicating the types, use and frequency of the EPP as well as contact person for questions:

  1. Products used are Ecolab FaciliPro Products

  2. Products are applied in lavatories, classrooms, common areas, offices, kitchens and surfaces requiring disinfection

  3. The school administrator whom parents, staff or students may contact with any questions is Eric Krauch, Facilities Operations Manager 860-622-5955

Additionally, in accordance to Public Act (PA) 09-81, "An Act Concerning the Use of Cleaning Products in schools", school districts are required to notify parents, guardian and staff members that the legislation prohibits parents, guardian and staff members from bringing to school any consumer product which is intended to clean, deodorize, sanitize or disinfect building surfaces or movable items within a building.