EH2020 - Strategic Planning Process

In school year 2014, EHPS engaged in a planning process with a goal to develop a five year projection for learning systems, structures, district climate and resource needs.  This five year visioning process, coined EH2020, provided the district an iterative journey of seeking feedback and input from students, parents, faculty and community members through focus group meetings and multiple surveys.  By combining the themes gathered from this feedback along with the current strategic efforts, current measures of student achievement data and current resource allocations, district leaders were able to develop a strategic plan that represented both the hopes and dreams of the East Hartford community and a clear pathway for success.


In the formulation and design of EH2020, we prioritized all design decisions on relevance and applicability.  Recognizing the tendency of strategic vision work to become lost in the theoretical concepts, extra effort and care were made to honor the following considerations:

  1. The plan must be tightly aligned to the district vision, mission and core beliefs:The EHPS Vision, Mission and Core Beliefs speak to the deep understandings and aspirations of all stakeholders; the new strategic plan must match these beliefs and provide the concrete steps towards making them a reality.
  2. The plan must honor and embrace the current work and strengths of the district:Recognizing the positive work underway in the district, a new strategic plan must not disrupt but rather provide revisions that enhance and build on current efforts.
  3. The plan must provide coherence and autonomy between district and school level decision making:In order to honor the high level of professional competence of EHPS educators and leaders while maintaining organizational coherence, the plan must strike an appropriate balance between systems and individualized leadership decision making.The new strategic plan must provide clear initiative “through-lines” while providing autonomy at the school level to contextualize work based on needs.