The Purchasing Department is committed to the procurement of quality goods and services in a cost-effective and timely manner while adhering to legal and ethical requirements as established by local, state, and federal laws and regulations, sound internal controls and professional purchasing principles


The Purchasing Department supports the procurement requirements of East Hartford Public Schools while working closely with the Town as a shared service. Utilizing a centralized coordination of Purchasing activities, the Department receives purchase requests from the various schools and determines, with the assistance from each of the schools or departments , the best method of procurement, including open market purchasing, informal quotations, formal bids or proposals, and cooperative purchasing.


Centralized coordination of purchasing encourages cost savings through bulk purchases and consolidated purchases as well as compliance with various Purchasing legal requirements. The Purchasing Department strives to ensure  that schools receive the best possible value for the goods and services they need in the right quality and quantity, on a timely basis, as efficiently as possible, and at the lowest overall cost while ensuring a fair and open process.


Purchasing is also involved in ‘green’ and sustainable environmental projects with the schools and town including propane powered school busses, electric vehicles, solar energy with various buildings,  and is member of the ‘Clean Cities’ program.