East Hartford's EH2020 Plan:
East Hartford's EH2020 Plan highlights four main focus areas for Professional Development:

  • Literacy at All Levels, Across All Content Areas
  • Highly Effective Teaching Strategies
  • Culturally Responsive Practice(s)
  • Leadership Development

EH's Core Professional Development Workshop Framework
The District provides professional learning that enhances both practice and outcomes for each and every educator and applies change research and uses tools to identify and support the developmental stages. East Hartford Public Schools utilizes its professional development structures to reflect educator empowerment, choice, foster collaboration and opportunities for professional learning teams, and the development and deployment of internal expertise in district.

Learning Design
Each EHPS' professional development workshops portrays:

  • Alignment to CT State Standards for professional development
  • Addressing of diverse needs
  • Multiple models for learning throughout the year
  • The components of a good lesson, including:
    • initiation/hook
    • active participation/Interactive components
    • closure/takeaway for participants
  • Planned activities that result in high participant engagement
  • A product or a take-away that can be used immediately in the classroom
  • Technology to share resources and promote active learning, such as:

Diverse Learning Needs
Knowledge of the audience and where they fall on the professional learning continuum

  • Developing awareness: staff are provided knowledge of new, research-based instructional strategies and techniques related to the District Improvement Plan and School Improvement Plan.
  • Building knowledge: staff engage in discussions, collaborations, and/or presentations regarding new, research-based strategies and techniques as they apply to specific grades and/or content areas.
  • Translating into practice: staff are given opportunities to apply knowledge, such as modeling, designing learning activities, implementing new learning and bringing evidence or products to share.
  • Formative assessment to determine needs of the audience; i.e. instructor to email participants prior to workshop to determine needs of future participants

The District provides professional learning that enhances both educator practice and outcomes for each and every student and requires the use of both quantitative and qualitative student, educator and system data to plan, implement, monitor and assess professional learning.

East Hartford Public Schools professional development addresses one or more of the following:

  • Teacher evaluation data to support individual needs
  • Educator self-reflection
  • Exit slip data
  • Survey results
  • District, school, department needs

Professional Development Plan & Rubric

Connecticut Common Core of Teaching Rubric:

Forms (PDF)


ProTraxx is the district's web-based professional development management system. The system can be accessed from school or home and allows certified staff to view and register for district workshops as well as track their own CEU's. Administrators may create workshops, view their staff's enrollment and profiles, as well use it as a tool to support logistics and the professional development decision-making process. Each certified staff member is provided a unique user name and password. EzTraxx communicates registration approvals, waiting-lists, and denials through the district email system.

Questions about ProTraxx functionality can be forwarded to Tracey Hadden-Deptula at 860-622-5194 or [email protected]. 

If you have forgotten your username/password, you can retrieve it from the EzTraxx log-in screen.


Professional Development in East Hartford Public Schools always keeps our students and their learning at the center, as we earnestly seek to cultivate our competencies and skills to help every child succeed, every day.


The District provides professional learning that enhances both educator practice and outcomes for each and every student and is aligned with district/school goals, relevant Connecticut standards, and other agreed-upon standards for educator practice and students' growth. In addition, EH's Professional Development expectations are aligned to the district's Core Beliefs, EH2020 Plan and CT's Standards for Professional Learning.