Thrive Newsletter: February 2023
Posted on 01/31/2023
Thrive Reptile Visit

We hope you had a wonderful holiday break. We have enjoyed getting back into routine with students this month, with exciting vendor visits, on-going learning objectives, and lots of fun!

Program Reminders:

  • Program attendance matters! Not only does a scheduled routine matter for your student, it is a requirement of our grant funding that all students maintain consistent program attendance. If your student is in school during the day, they should be attending program. Please notify your Site Coordinator of program absences.

  • We have several upcoming vendors and activities that we do not want your student(s) to miss. As a reminder, program pick up is between 5:30-6:00pm. We will not allow early pickups unless preapproved and communicated with your Site Coordinator.

  • If you have any questions regarding program payment, please contact Program Manager Brittany Bergstrom ([email protected] or (860) 622-5153). As a reminder, you will not be dismissed from program for failure to pay fees.

  • There is no Thrive Afterschool Program on: 

    • Monday, February 20: Schools Closed for President’s Day

    • Tuesday, February 21: Schools Closed for Teacher Professional Development Day

Thrive Spotlight: Reptile Visits

In December and January, all Thrive Afterschool Program Sites had a visit from many reptile creatures at program. During these visits, students got to learn about where each reptile came from, what they eat, their lifespan, and even got the chance to hold many animals!

To name a few of the visitors, Miss Crawley, the Veiled Chameleon made her appearance at several schools. Her name inspired by the movie “Sing!”, Ms. Crawley was a bit shy but happy to meet the students.

Ball Python, Emoji, was a friendly visitor, being held by students who were interested in holding their first snakes! Emoji’s name was inspired by the marking on his back which looked like emojis.

New animal friend, Tortellini the Tortoise, was a fan favorite. Her large stature and hungry for lettuce belly made her a hit for students. She is new to the bunch and will live to be very large and very old!

The visits were from CZR Reptiles, run by Allie Landry, an East Hartford Schools alumna with a passion for animals and sharing experiences with students. Her team included her husband Zach, and her fearless 7-year-old daughter Claire, and a few other friends, who taught our students about each friendly visitor. We look forward to bringing CZR Reptiles back soon!

More information about CZR reptiles can be found at!