Sunset Ridge Students Read Thousands of Pages in Reading Challenge
Posted on 04/11/2023
Top Readers in Sunset Ridge Reading Challenge

A longstanding and favorite Sunset Ridge tradition wrapped up with a schoolwide celebration just before the spring recess. The April 6th assembly was a fun way to mark the end of another successful Reading March Madness Challenge. It was the first time the entire school got together for an assembly since before the pandemic.

The Reading March Madness Challenge began on March 1. It challenges every student and every teacher to read at least 300 pages throughout the month. Students and staff keep a log of pages on reading trackers whether they read digital or print, at home or in class. Students are asked to get an adult signature to confirm their reading progress.

“It was really fun,” said 6th Grader Izetta Nayes, one of the top readers in her grade. “I think I read over 100 on the first day because I was really into it.”

At the end of the month, with all the trackers counted, the top readers in each grade are rewarded with a gift card prize.

“Personally, I’m a kid who really likes to read and I really enjoy reading during school time and even after school time,” said 8th Grader Khalil Ali, a top reader in his grade. “When the March Madness Challenge happened, I saw this as an opportunity for my reading to get recognized.”

In addition to the top reader prizes, everyone was motivated to meet the challenge goal. While the whole school attended grade-level and whole school assemblies from April 3-6, only those who tracked at least 300 pages could participate in the activities during those assemblies including a basketball tournament, face painting, cheerleading, playing in the pep band, a raffle, and more.

7th Grader and Top Reader Jadiana Lavado said, “I read every day, every night, and it just comes easy to me. 300 pages is no challenge for me. But if [students] wanted to participate in the activities, it would have been a challenge especially if they didn’t like to read. It’s a push for them. They’re going to have to read more if they really want to play. I don’t think they want to miss the basketball.”

At the schoolwide assembly, the top readers and winning basketball teams were announced and given their prizes. Students also learned who won the raffle prizes, and cheered on the pep band, the cheerleaders and their teachers during a staff game of Knock Out.