Staff Spotlight: Ruth Rivera
Posted on 04/14/2023
Ruth Rivera in classroom

Staff Spotlight: Ruth Rivera

As a paraprofessional in a self-contained classroom at the Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC), Ruth Rivera forms close relationships with the 3 and 4 year olds she works with every day. She says making those connections is what she likes most about her job.

“It’s a challenging job, but it’s a rewarding job at the same time knowing that I made a difference in a child’s life,” said Rivera.

She works in Special Education Teacher Cara Farr’s classroom helping students grow different skills from communicating their thoughts and feelings to following directions.

“Ruth is very intuitive so she will pick up on what students needs are,” said ECLC Principal Renee Byers. “She knows what their needs are maybe even before they are showing what their needs are.”

She also helps students stay on task and follow through with the classroom routines. Rivera’s colleagues say even in moments of chaos she helps keep the calm.

Farr said, “Ruth is great with the kids. She is patient. She is very nurturing and soft-spoken. She loves them obviously, and they pick up on that and they really respond well to her.”

Rivera said she has always had the personality for this work and has always wanted to work with children.

“I think it’s just a calling,” she said.

Working at ECLC for three years now, she has established herself as a valuable member of the team.

Byers said, “Ruth is very humble, she comes in every day with a smile on her face, does her job. And I don’t think Ruth really knows how good she is.”