Staff Spotlight: Dr. Nasreen Al Omari
Posted on 03/11/2022
Dr. Al Omari teaching Adult Education class

Staff Spotlight: Dr. Nasreen Al Omari

Dr. Nasreen Al Omari is the ESL facilitator for East Hartford Adult and Continuing Education, who also teaches ESL and high school completion classes.

“My goal is just to be able to help everyone to be able to live, to be able to communicate,” said Dr. Al Omari. “I love being able to connect students with things that they may need to help them get to the next step.”

In her differing roles, she works with students from all walks of life from high school students looking to get their GED to immigrants from all over the world who are learning English. East Hartford Adult and Continuing Education Principal Dr. Anthony Mangiafico says she has the unique ability to make connections with all of them.

He said, “She’s always just so positive and she just really found her calling working with adults. Her parents were also immigrants, and I just think that this is just something that’s in her blood. She really just wants to help and just really wants to make sure that all her students shine.”

A parent to six children in East Harford Schools, she also volunteers all over town in addition to her many tasks and duties at work. Dr. Al Omari says she loves it all.

“It’s really basically having conversations with other adults. I also live in town, so I really have that connection of this is where I work, this is where I live, this is where I play,” said Dr. Al Omari.

She said, “It’s wonderful. I don’t feel like I work not a single moment of my day.”