Staff Spotlight: Adrienne Cote-Parker
Posted on 02/10/2022
Adrienne Cote-Parker

Staff Spotlight: Adrienne Cote-Parker


Adrienne Cote-Parker has been a school counselor at East Hartford High School since 2014. It’s a job she says is always exciting. 

“Every day is shaped differently in my world and in my role as a counselor,” said Cote-Parker. “It might be students in crisis or students trying to last minute apply to a college or students who really need some academic counseling.”

She says her favorite part of the job is working with those students and the ability to have an impact on their lives.

“It’s going to sound cliché to say this, but the best part is the students really. And not just interacting with the students day to day, but over time seeing their growth and development,” she said.

This year, Cote-Parker is working with twelfth graders, which Principal Matthew Ryan says keeps her busy making sure they all have a plan for after graduation.

“One of the main factors that school counselors always do, and Adrienne is really good at, is developing that relationship with the student and the family,” said Ryan. “So they get to know the students on a deep level. They get to know what they’re good at, where they struggle, and try to get them all of those right tools for when they graduate.”

In addition to the personal impact she’s having on students, Cote-Parker has made an impact on the school as a whole. She is also the Service Learning Coordinator at EHHS and runs the schoolwide Community Awareness Day event.

“We’ve been doing it for almost ten years now. It’s gotten bigger and better every year and that’s because of Adrienne,” said Ryan.

Even during the pandemic, when finding volunteer sites became more challenging, Ryan said Cote-Parker was able to meet COVID protocols while increasing opportunities for students.

“She is so humble. She would never take all the credit for Community Awareness Day, and it is a team, but she’s leading that team of people,” said Ryan.

Cote-Parker said, “It feels awesome to be able to know that you’ve had an impact, but it’s important to remind yourself on the day to day that, you know, it’s a whole village.”