Principals Help Ready Kids and Parents for Kindergarten
Posted on 05/27/2022
Pitkin Principal Meet and Greet

“Are the classmates nice?”

That’s what one incoming Pitkin kindergartener was wondering during the Principal Meet and Greet held at the Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC).

Another incoming kindergartener asked if they will take the bus to Pitkin School.

Pitkin Principal Bea Corrado was there to answer these questions and more from both students and parents. She brought with her one of her kindergarten teachers to help families get excited about the year ahead and to walk them through what the day of learning looks like for a kindergartener.

The principals of each of the eight elementary schools in East Hartford held these meet and greets with the changing expectations from pre-k to kindergarten in mind. It is the first time the ECLC has hosted these events for incoming kindergarten families.

Some of the topics discussed include uniforms, school breakfast and lunch, parent teacher organizations, and supports offered at school.

ECLC Principal Renee Byers said, “Children and families start their first educational experience here at the ECLC and our hope was to make their transition to the elementary schools easier and less stressful.”