Pitkin Social Worker Named CT Peace Hero
Posted on 04/22/2022
Maritza Soto-Gomez wins Peace Hero Award

The Peace Center of Connecticut has named Maritza Soto-Gomez, Social Worker at Pitkin Elementary School, a 2022 Peace Hero.

This recognition was only awarded to six individuals in the state. It honors those who help make Connecticut a more peaceful place.

In addition to her duties as a social worker, Soto-Gomez sees every student at Pitkin on a weekly basis for mindfulness and SEL (Social/Emotional Learning). In those lessons, she works with her students on understanding their emotions and finding peace within themselves.

“If the 2022 Peace Center of Connecticut Hero Award means that the message for our kids of ‘Peace begins with me’ will overcome the racial, economic, and social barriers, then I am at peace. I did what I was supposed to do in my lifetime," said Soto-Gomez.

After her nomination, members of the organization visited Soto-Gomez at Pitkin for an interview. At the end of the interview, they told her she had won the award.

Maritza Soto-Gomez earns Peace Hero Award

Maritza Soto-Gomez and Iran Nazario, President of the Peace Center of CT

In his congratulatory letter, Iran Nazario, President of the Peace Center of Connecticut Iran Nazario said, “Your efforts, actions, and impact for peace have set an example for those around us of how important it is for peace to live in all of us and in our communities.”

Soto-Gomez will be honored at the Peace Center’s annual Peace Heroes Gala in September.