Families Play and Learn Together at District Math Night
Posted on 04/05/2024
Math night

More than 50 East Hartford Public Schools families joined in the fun at the K-8 Family Game Night held on April 3. The event was organized by the Office of Equity, Partnerships and Achievement along with district mathematics supervisors.

Families rotated through stations playing grade-level appropriate math games. One popular station was all about measuring. Children showed their ability to use basic measurements to “make” chocolate chip cookies and chicken soup. They also enjoyed measuring their height.

All of these activities, and the valuable feedback families provided, will be incorporated into upcoming math nights at K-8 schools across the district next school year.  

Each family left with dice, a deck of cards, and links to math resources and games they can play at home. Three raffle winners were selected to receive gift baskets themed to hobbies that involve math: gardening, cooking and personal finance.

This event served to showcase that math is everywhere. Families were encouraged to continue the conversation after the event about the math they use in their day to day activities.