EHPS Superintendent Search Leadership Profile
Posted on 01/10/2023
Superintendent Search Graphic

Selecting a superintendent is the most important responsibility a school board undertakes. There are tangible and intangible aspects of leadership required in a superintendent who is going to work with the school board, students, faculty and staff, parents, elected officials, and the whole community to provide high quality education for a district’s children. In light of the critical nature of this responsibility, the East Hartford Board of Education sought the input of its school and community stakeholders through interviews, focus groups, and a survey (English and Spanish) conducted in December 2022.

This Leadership Profile presents findings from these focus groups, interviews, and the survey, conducted in the first two weeks of December 2022. The consultants scheduled 15 interviews and focus groups and spoke with 115 individuals, including parents, teachers, para-educators, administrators, the Mayor, Town Council members and staff, state representatives, and the East Hartford Board of Education.

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In total, 374 East Hartford residents and staff took the online survey. In conducting the interviews and focus groups and developing the survey, we used an unbiased, structured approach. In addition to asking about strengths and challenges of the East Hartford schools and community which could affect future leadership requirements, we asked about the qualities and expertise most desirable in the next superintendent. The East Hartford Board of Education will use these results as it considers its next steps in order to find the best possible Superintendent of Schools for East Hartford at this time. We are presenting these findings to the Board of Education without revealing the identity of any individual contributor.

The East Hartford Board of Education has made a commendable effort to include voices from as many constituents as possible from the schools and community. Many thanks to focus group participants and survey respondents whose pride in and commitment to the schools and Town of East Hartford were evident as they provided perspectives. Special thanks to Chris Wethje and staff for their help scheduling and publicizing the opportunity to participate.

Mary Broderick, Jack Reynolds, and George Coleman

CABE Search Consultants