Crossroads After School Program Back in Rhythm
Posted on 03/09/2022
Drumming program at Crossroads

The EHPS after school program Crossroads is back in gear this school year and firing on all cylinders. After being offered remotely last year, the program is back in person. It is also now being offered at every elementary school in the district.

The Crossroads Afterschool Program supports academic growth, develops life skills, promotes an active lifestyle, and provides a safe, structured and nurturing environment.

Its priority is academic support, beginning each day with homework help. This year, the program has an academic teacher at each site supporting individual achievement of each student.

The program also celebrates the ability to offer culturally relevant and engaging enrichment activities for students. These activities provide opportunities to highlight the robust, diverse culture in East Hartford.

“When we see students gain confidence as they remain on beat while drumming, or students expand their curiosity following a science experiment, we further our commitment to fostering lifelong skills and providing access to opportunities that allow our students to thrive,” said Brittany Bergstrom, EHPS Program Manager of Out of School Programs.

Learn more about one such program in the video below. The African and Latin drumming offering called Drums of Freedom is run by Master Drummer Lance James, who is an East Hartford Native.