Adult Ed Teacher and Leader Selected for National Fellowship
Posted on 02/29/2024
Dr. Nasreen Al Omari

Dr. Nasreen Al Omari has been selected as Connecticut’s State Advocate for Adult Education Fellow. The Coalition on Adult Basic Education selects one member from each state to be a part of this year-long fellowship focused on the advancement of adult education across the country. State Advocates are a critical member of each of the state teams that lead impact at the local and state level.

At East Hartford Adult Education, Dr. Al Omari serves as the ESL Facilitator, Digital Navigator and Career Navigator, along with teaching ESL classes. She is a mother of six and a well known community leader and parent advocate. 

Dr. Al Omari said, “I believe in helping people whenever I can. I am active in the East Hartford community because I live here, my kids go to school here and I work here. It means a lot to me to be selected for the SAAFE fellowship because I'm hoping to find more opportunities to help our adult education students and grow our adult education program.”