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K-12 Music Philosophy

The Music Department of the East Hartford Public Schools believes that a music education for all children is vital for its aesthetic, historical, cultural and educational value.

The K-12 Music Program strives to provide students the opportunity to create, perform and respond to music through a variety of experiences and activities.

The study of music in the East Hartford Schools seeks to make special contributions to the child's creative development. Music knowledge and performance helps increase critical thinking skills, concentration, self-discipline and self-expression.

Musical experiences engage and affect the student's whole personality providing insight to one's self and humanity, thereby enhancing one's self-worth.

Music builds positive personal relationships with others and prepares individuals to live and work in a culturally diverse society.

Music is essential in the educational process as an independent discipline and can also furnish the ideal avenue for significant interdisciplinary experiences. Just as there can be no music without learning, no education is complete without music.

The East Hartford Music Curriculum directly reflects the National Standards in Arts Education which was released as part of "Goals 2000: Educate America Act."

The department has adopted the nine standards and has incorporated them as the overarching goals for the K-12 program.

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