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K-12 Visual Arts Philosophy

From the first cave painting made 30,000 years ago to computer virtual reality, the hand of the artist opened the eyes of humankind.The arts have been an inseparable part of our past and have served to document the history of mankind.

It is impossible to understand any culture if the art is not examined. Humans constantly exert effort to control their environment, we build shelters to suit our needs and decorate them to suit our tastes. We design clothing for protectionand for beauty. We create objects for function then refine them with aesthetic values. We enhance our person with jewelry, color, body markings and hair style. We artificially manipulate media to reflect our interpretation and reaction to our environment. We are expressive beings by nature.

Art is a discipline which includes art history/culture, criticism, aesthetics and production. It develops, clarifies and reinforces concepts and skills not only in the expressive, perceptual and creative areas, but in other areas of learning.

The effective art program is based on the sequential development of activities and lessons. These lessons and activities reflect concepts, skills and problem solving that enhance the student's knowledge and understanding. Through the visual arts, all individuals can recognize their personal and unique qualities.

The individual prepares for a lifetime of learning in an atmosphere that fosters aesthetic problem solving, individual initiative, sharing, evaluation skills and positive self-concept development.

The East Hartford Public Schools provides students with the educational opportunity to become lifelong participants in the richness of our visual culture.

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