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Scope of Services


All day Kindergarten and grade one through six students receive art and music once every three days for forty-five minutes. This varies at some of our Theme-based schools. 

In grade three, all students are provided the opportunity to begin the pre-band instrument called the recorder. Also in grade three, students may elect to begin weekly instruction on a string instrument.

In grade four, students may begin instruction on a band instrument. Band and string lessons are provided weekly in a small group setting for 30 minutes. Beginning students on instruments have several performing opportunities in the school and through the annual town wide band and string festivals that are held in May. Advanced instrumental and choral students can be recommended by their music teachers to participate in the special after school Inter-Elementary Honors Music Festival, a twelve- week program from January through March.

All students in grade five are members of the school chorus in the ten elementary schools. They rehearse within the general music class and perform in a winter and spring concert. In grade six, students may elect to continue participating in the chorus.   They also perform in winter and spring concerts.

Middle School

Six, seventh and eighth grade students receive general music and art and technology on a rotational wheel that switches quarterly. In music the approach in learning is through hands-on use of guitars, keyboards and an emphasis of American Jazz music. In art, students develop artistic skills using a variety of techniques as well as some technology opportunities.

Students in the string and band program continue to receive small group instruction once a week for thirty minutes. In addition students rehearse everyday for forty-five minutes in either the band or orchestra.

Students interested in singing may sign up for the seventh or eighth grade chorus that meets twice a week for forty-five minutes throughout the year.

After school opportunities are available for the Jazz Band, Special Chorus and Special String or Instrumental ensembles. These groups are open by audition or teacher recommendation. An after school ensemble called 6-7-8  Incorporated, is an auditioned select group that combines singing and dancing with students in grades six through eight.

High School

Students in grades 9-12 have the opportunity to take a variety of electives in both the music and art programs.

Students taking art must begin with the first course called Intro to Art. Classes in art are semester long and are designed to develop artistic judgment, individual skills, technique and talent. Students earn a half credit towards graduation with the courses in art.

In music, electives such as guitar, piano lab, music technology, and music history are semester long classes.

Year long classes include all of the performing groups with Band, Orchestra and Choir. The Marching Band performs regularly throughout the fall season at the school's football games and in parades in the community. These groups meet daily and have requirements for concert and after school practices. They receive a full credit towards high school graduation.

Specific information about each elective in visual art and music is available in the High School Program of Studies.  After school performing group opportunities exist with the Show Choir- Jazzappella, Jazz Band, UpScale and String and Band Instrument small ensembles. Please click here for additional information regarding our music programs at EHHS.

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