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Head Coach: Mr. Matt Rondinone
Contact: rondinone.mm@easthartford.org

Assistant Coach: Joel Roman
Contact: roman.j@easthartford.org 

FR/JV: Nicola Deluca
Contact: deluca.nm@easthartford.org 

FR/JV: Matt Schiff
Contact: mschiff13@gmail.com 

Tryout Schedule:
Pitchers & Catchers begin Monday, March 12th at 3:30pm in the back gym 

All other baseball players begin on Saturday, March 17th at 5:30am. They will be traveling to 860 Baseball in Hartford before returning to the high school for the remainder of tryouts. Transportation will be provided from EHHS to 860 Baseball and back to EHHS for the remainder of tryouts.There will be a second round of tryouts on Saturday, March 17th 12-2pm in the back gym of EHHS. 

The following week tryouts will continue on March 19th and final cuts will be made at the conclusion of that practice.  

2017-2018 Schedule

Baseball picture

1. Read and review the EHHS Athletic Handbook. We will follow the guidelines and principles set forth by the school administration. If you are unfamiliar with these rules, familiarize yourself with them to avoid problems later.
2. Practice is held each weekday and one weekend day. Games and practices will be held during school vacations. If you are going on vacation and will miss practices, you may want to reevaluate your commitment to the HORNETS BASEBALL PROGRAM. Please communicate with the Coaching Staff. (Weather Depending)
3. There are no excuses for missing practices or games. The only legitimate reasons are illnesses, funerals, academic or religious obligations.
4. In the event that you will be arriving late or missing practice, you must contact the coach through a phone conversation ONLY.
5. Arrive on time!!! If you will be late, you need to get a note/pass indicating your whereabouts. School-related situations are understandable, but detentions are not acceptable reasons for being tardy, and a consequence will be enforced.
6. Wear only the proper uniform to practices and games. In practice all players will wear the team- issued practice uniform.
7. On a WEEKLY basis, players will be required to submit an Academic Progress Report each Friday. To help our athletes excel in the classroom, each student will have his academic progress, behavior, and attendance monitored. The penalty for not handing in the report on time will result in extra conditioning and loss of playing time. Students with risk of failing or who have any D’s in any class will be required to submit an APR.
8. All players must be on time for the team bus. The bus will leave without you and will not stop for you, so be punctual. For all home games, all varsity and junior varsity players must be present at the predetermined time.
9. All players will compete at a high level of intensity while maintaining proper decorum on the field, the bench, and with the opponent. Also, players will not dispute a call through words or body language, with an official, nor will players engage in verbal feuds with the opponent, teammates and coaches.
10. Keep issues within our HORNETS BASEBALL family and never let unresolved issues outside our team. If an issue is persisting address the coach. Stand up for yourself, but be tactful and do not let dissension destroy us. Confront and Communicate!
11. Playing time will only be discussed between the athlete and coach. If you have problems with playing time, please come speak to the coaching staff and we will discuss the issue.
1- Extra Conditioning
2- Loss of Playing Time
3- Suspension
4- Possible Removal from the Hornets Baseball Program
Your signature below indicates that you have read and understand the rules set forth by the EAST HARTFORD HORNETS BASEBALL PROGRAM. Your signature also indicates your willingness to abide by these rules and guidelines, and if in violation of these team rules, you are willing to accept the consequences. These rules will be strictly enforced!
Thank you

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