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January 31, 2019

Dear Team,

I hope your 2019 has gotten off with the promise and energy that you expected.  With one month in the books, at least we know that things sure don’t feel like they are going to slow down! 

Over the past couple of weekends, the Quesnel house has taken on the Marie Kondo challenge (See Netflix) of purging and house resetting.  It sounded like a good idea, in the midst of needing to take down the Christmas decorations, why not also attack the clutter in the basement, the piles of kid’s toys, the box of old picture frames and the closet of clothes that haven’t been worn in years.  You know the drill, one pile to keep, one pile to donate, one pile to throw away…And, with this burst of energy…cue the distractions, the nostalgia, the kids who don’t want to part with anything and the proverbial moth eaten, baby bib—complete with stains and full of memories…and suddenly, resetting becomes reshuffling…why? Distractions just always seem to get in the way.

In the same way as we house clean, setting priorities, reorganizing and resetting our personal and professional lives can be a challenge that never seems to get done.  Despite our best intentions entering the New Year, our brightly polished resolutions, goals and promises often suffer the challenge of distraction and dilution.  As we charge into our second month, I want to encourage you to resist this phase and recommit yourself to the work that you know needs to be done, the conversations that need to be had and the lifestyles that need to be altered.  Simply put, the road to lost goals is paved by familiar markers called, “never wrote it down,” “never told anyone about it,” “and never circled back.”  If you look at February 1 and you recognize these markers, join me and take steps to head in the opposite direction.

At some point in life, we will all look back—let’s be sure our look back reminds us of a point in time where we made a decision, stuck with it and reaped exceptional moments.

I’m looking forward to a New Year that is filled with living up to the promise made and to working with you on behalf of our kids.  I am looking forward to work that is deeply meaningful and in the midst of this messy challenge, celebrating milestones that tell us about our progress.  Thanks in advance for being that team that refuses to allow distractions to alter what will be!

See you in the halls!


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