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August 28, 2018

Dear Team,

Thanks for a great two days of back to school preparations.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to visit and catch up with many of you.  Here we go—we are off and running!  I can’t wait to have our kids back tomorrow!

I wanted to wish you an extraordinarily great start to an extraordinary year.  Whether you are a year 1, year 17 or year 41 faculty member, the start of school is always a special moment.  It’s a moment to start things the way you want…to set goals…to confront fears and most importantly to form new relationships.  We kicked off this year talking about the power of the moments and how we could build peaks into our school year.  In this message, we challenged each other to “plan our peak” or to consciously work to elevate a particular moment for our kids and colleagues.  Let’s not let this idea slip but rather work together to make it actually happen! 

Tomorrow, greet your kids, learn their names, and listen to their goals.  Share your story with them, share your excitement for the job you do and let them know that they have a champion in you!

Tomorrow and for the rest of the week it’s going to be hot.  While I wish I could change that, I simply lost those car keys. J  In East Hartford, we do not believe sending our kid’s home early makes for a safer environment.  Many of our kids are safest when they are in your care and under your supervision.  To that end, I ask that you work to facilitate activities that keep our kids as cool as possible.  Keep the lights down, schedule regular hydration breaks and work with your building principals regarding rotations through air-conditioned areas.  Please feel free to dress for a heat wave, shorts are completely acceptable.  Finally, our words about the heat matter as well.  I have never found that complaining about the heat made it any cooler—to this end, I am encouraging you to be as positive as possible—I know this can be tough—I appreciate your commitment!

As always appreciative of you, your commitment and the work we will do together in advance—here’s to a great school year!

See you in the halls,


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