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June 19, 2018

Dear Team,
Happy last day of school! Correction, happy last ½ day of school—we all know how important that other half isJ. For our friends at Woodland and O’Brien…your day is tomorrow, so I will send this message twice.

Thanks so much for an incredible school year that has absolutely flown by. Maybe that’s partly because we love what we do and maybe because it’s just plain crazy around here. Either way, for me, my happiest times are my busiest times.

We started off the year with the theme—“What we can do about it!” This theme was intended to inspire us to collectively and individually seize the power of our personal 24 and make a difference in our chaotic world through the lives of the children we serve. I hope that you are opening this email prior to dismissal and can at some point today, look into the faces of the kids in your room and realize the difference you have made.  For the student in the front of the room, you made a difference by helping him read his first words…for the young lady in the hallway, you made a difference by modeling what strength is really all about.  For the quiet boy in B Period, you made a difference by saying “hello, good to see you” when most days, he wasn’t sure.  For the faculty member down the hallway, you made a difference through your constant battle to stay positive even when it got difficult and for your school principal, you made a difference by letting her know you understood what she was trying to do as a leader.  We made a difference this year as a school, as a district and as a town as we served families, worked collaboratively and always found a way…I am very proud of the difference we have made this year…and very tired.

For many of you, today marks that incredible transition of God’s gift to educators—summer vacation. For those of us who remain, it marks a day where our schools get a little quieter, our jobs a little more focused and on an extremely positive note, we shift to business casual.  I am really looking forward to summer and sincerely appreciate the work each of you have put in to make this a fantastic school year!

My most sincere thanks and best wishes for a restful, rejuvenating and exhilarating summer! 

See you in the halls, See you at the beach,


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