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April 30, 2018

Dear Team,

Bring on the May flowers and welcome to the season of celebration, graduation and home stretch to June and vacation!  While the year is flying by, I am so pleased with the progress we are making as a team and the growth we see on a daily basis in the classrooms, hallways and offices of our district.  Thank you to each of you for your individual contributions, small and large that help us continue to move forward—they matter!

As we move into May, we traditionally pause on a national stage in recognition of employees and make a special effort to emphasize our organizational appreciation of you.  My strong feeling is that it should not take an annual holiday to express appreciation, but I am thrilled to leverage this moment to enthusiastically join in this moment of reflection, praise and appreciation of our faculty.

In East Hartford, we do not distinguish across positions, roles or responsibilities, but rather truly realize the vital importance of each of YOU in the team we call EHPS.  Like a living ecosystem, it works because YOU work!  Thanks to each of you for YOUR work, YOUR attitude, YOUR attendance, YOUR patience and YOUR resilience.  As I travel across the state and the country, I am always shocked as I realize that what we share here in East Hartford is not something that is realized on a broad scale—committed adults working together, through each other and in support of each other.  I return home from each of these trips more deeply committed to doing my part to improve this dynamic workplace culture and sincerely grateful for each of YOU who make our district great!

On behalf of the entire Board of Education and my Cabinet Team, Happy Faculty Appreciation Week (officially celebrated 5/7-5/11)!  While this email never truly can capture the deep appreciation we feel, we hope you can accept this effort and feel valued and appreciated.   East Hartford is a special place to work because of YOU!  

See you in the halls,


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