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February 28, 2018

Dear Team,

Here’s to hoping all is well with you; March can be more of a lamb than a lion (i.e. more days like today); and warm spring days are closer rather than further away!  Thanks for another solid month of work and effort on behalf of our kids.  I sincerely appreciate it.

Heading into March, I always try and find something that can inspire and lift us up at a time where many of us need just that…March is a month where we get sick of “grey,” sick of cold and sometimes sick of the “grind.”  In times like this, we all need to dig deep, lock into inspiration and support each other—trust me, warm spring days ARE ahead!  With this in sight, let’s make March a month where our classrooms, offices and hallways share a message of energy and hope that is tangible and real.  Here’s a challenge…over the next three days, find a quote that is a personal favorite and display it in a visual area where you work every day.  For teachers, this may be your white board, secretaries-office wall, principals-your desk, you get the picture.  Don’t type it…write it by hand and own it… Over the next month, let’s leave this quote in place and let’s let this quote challenge us to live the way we know we should!  Let’s share our quotes, let’s question each other’s quotes and let’s bring our kids attention as possible to our quote…

I’ve got a running head start on this so I am going to share mine now.  It’s posted on my white board, right in front of my desk…

“Wherever you are—be all there.” Anonymous

What’s your quote?

See you in the halls,


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