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April 2, 2018

Dear Team,

We did it, March is in the books…I think this is Spring! (Never would have known with today’s snow…)  I am excited to write to you today as we continue to look forward warmer weather ahead…I promise.  Thanks for all of you who took me up last month on the Quote Challenge—I have really enjoyed traveling around the district and seeing your quote’s posted in your classrooms and offices…I had fun with the incredible email response as wellJ  Thanks for your enthusiasm and effort to connect!

Don’t worry, this message isn’t another “Reply all request,” but speaking of that…please read carefully…it is a message about the things we say…or sometimes, neglect to say.  This month, I have been thinking about that small quiet voice I sometimes hear when I walk out of a school, leave a meeting, drive home, or even wave good bye to my wife or kids.  That voice reminds me, “I should have said…”  Do you ever hear this message?  That voice often reminds me that I should have complimented someone on a project well done, thanked them for staying late, encouraged them to see past a present challenge or on a personal level, said “I love you.”  In life, the things we say have incredible power…so do the things we neglect to say.  This month, I am working on “saying what needs to be said,” in a very different sense than is projected in our noisy, “in your face,” “tell them like it is world.” 

The truth is, no-one is waiting around for my opinion, my criticism, my frustration or my complaints…they are waiting for my compliments, my affirmations and my support.  April is the month of spring, hope and healing—let’s make April a month on compliments, praise and support.  

See you in the halls,


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