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August 29, 2017

Dear Team,

Ready or ready, here we go!

Thanks for a great opening and two days of learning, inspiration, classroom preparation and collaboration.  The energy I felt as I visited schools was palpable and absolutely contagious.  I can’t wait to have our kids back tomorrow!

In my opening address, I challenged you to “pick ONE thing” that you can do to make a difference in the lives of the kids we serve.  On the eve of our back to school, I am sending this as a gentle nudge to be sure you have made your commitment.  In sincerity, I say this for you, I say it for our kids, and I say it for our entire team—your committed “ONE thing” starts a wave of passion, good work and personal efficacy for a the solution that starts with us!  I appreciate you being willing to do this and look forward to joining you in the journey of follow through!

Tomorrow, greet your kids, smile, laugh and let them know you are excited to see them.  Learn with them and grow together and spend the needed time to understand them, build confidence and know their strengths.  We only get one chance for a first impression—let’s make it count together!

As always appreciative of you, your commitment and the work we will do together in advance—here’s to a great school year!

See you in the halls,




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