Notes from the School Governance Council Meeting held on

September 27, 2016

School Governance Council meeting members in attendance:

  • Teachers/staff/school connections: Dr. Lesley Morgan Thompson, Monique Butler, Jennifer Doyon, Joana Moore
  • Parents/Community Connections: Pastor Renee Baisden, Ryan Balancier, Aston Eason

SGC/PTO Whole Group Update/Review:

Margie Williams the Family Resource Coordinator and Monique Butler explained the difference between PTO and SGC. 

Introductions of all in attendance

Dr. Lesley Morgan Thompson explained a bit more about SGC. It should be comprised of 7 parents, 5 teachers, and 2 community leaders. 

Parents are members of the SGC for a 2 year period. Nominations can include themselves/parent. Forms will be going home within the next few weeks for the voting process. Multiple people can be voted for.

SGC thoughts for the year ahead/today’s discussion:

  • Possibly implementing home visits within the school community so that the interactions are more 1 on 1 and brainstorming some ideas of how to possibly start it.
  • SGC lends a voice to the parents and not just the teachers/staff
  • Since the implementation of SGC we’ve noticed improved communication.     
  • Some past changes include- newsletter, PBIS, increased usage of robo-calls

Monique will send out reminders of next meeting about a month in advance, and then again a few weeks in advance. 

Monique shared about the Pittsburg visit- dynamics as a team, home visits, families to feel like they're part of the school. 

Early November- (November 3rd) 9-11:30 welcoming walk-through. Group will be comprised of about 8 parents, and some staff. Some things they will be looking for include- “Are we a welcoming environment/school?” When they walk through as teams they gather information which will generate a report. 

People expressed interest on being part of that team include: Joana Moore, Aston Eason, Pastor Renee Baisden, Ryan Balancier, Annette Weekes, Monique Butler (if another staff member was needed)

Ways to make the school more inviting:

  • Joana commented about incoming Kindergarten students 
  • Phone call suggestion to take place within the first 3 weeks. 
  • Meeting parents/families outside of the school building- Possible meeting places- library, parks (neutral places)
  • Letter for possible recommendations for teacher next year- maybe add a circle choice for personality types, etc

SGC also discussed how this year’s School Compact will need some revision for end of year so the home practice can be added. 

Closing/ upcoming events:

PTO updates:

  • Fundraisers starting Thursday
  • Volunteers needed for picture day- October 21
  • Culture Night- October 27
  • Nov 1- Dec 9-  there will be raffles for items such as tv/bikes
  • Winter Dance- Friday, December 2
  • Book Fair- December 5- December 8
  • Walking Club on Wednesdays
  • Paint Night Wednesday, October 12th

The next SGC meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 15th  at 5:30 pm!

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