Notes from the School Governance Council Meeting held on

November 15, 2016

School Governance Council meeting members in attendance:

  • Teachers/staff/school connections: Dr. Lesley Morgan Thompson, Monique Butler, Jennifer Doyon, Molly Waszkelewicz, Steve Higgins, Margie Williams
  • Parents/Community Connections: Ryan Balancier, Aston Eason, Joana Moore, Veronica Rosario, Marilyn Pet

SGC Update/Review:

Meeting began with a review of the Welcoming Walkthrough that took place on November 3, 2016

  • Steve spoke: The committee had 8 parents, 2 community members, and 4 staff members.
  • They went through a booklet that had a rubric with expectations. Some topics covered included: How welcoming is our school when we walk in, info to parents, front office, website, physical environment. 
  • What are our formal practices? If Lesley wasn't here what would be the things that would still occur. Also, things that would not be in place if certain staff weren't here; example: Commit to Stay Fit
  • Family Engagement would still be in place since it's a committee. 
  • Next step as a staff, come together share it with the diversity team, data team, and equity team to come up with an action plan for rest of the year.
  • Items in red on right were identified as the highest priority.
  • Discussion of ideas on several of the red highlighted areas including:
    • What is the procedure about cultural insensitivity? Should there be a box, etc where parents can make a complaint/comment.

Physical Environment

    • #2- clear directions to the main office and posted near the front entrance/and other entrances
    • #5- updating all signs since some of them are faded. Also, adding different types of signs so they can be seen from the road
    • #13- What would parents post in this area? The process/procedure that would need to occur for posting
    • #14- Maybe adding a volunteer spotlight of the month type recognition

School Wide Practices & Policies

    • #18- non-custodial parent contact
    • #14- ensure staff is pronouncing parents, students, and visitor's name correctly

Welcoming School Staff

    • prompt attention to all telephone calls/messages
    • Staff friendliness- custodian (had a sub that day)

Other areas for improvement:

    • clear instructions on mobile website
    • Do parents/families prefer E-mail/phone over e-notify
    • 124 parents are currently on e-notify

Next welcoming walkthrough is in 2 years. They try to keep the same team of people together. 

PTO Update/Review:

  • PTO Meeting was held on 11/14 due to many items that needed to be discussed for the upcoming event. Veronica Rosario- PTO VP came and updated everyone on what was discussed.
  • December 2nd is the Winter Wonderland Dance. Responsibilities were delegated amongst the PTO members.
  • The dance would be a good opportunity to sell raffle tickets as well as during Parent-Teacher Conference week.
  • Date of the raffle is December 16th. Items that can be one include a TV, tablet, gift basket, and bike with a helmet
  • The raffle tickets are $5 and you can choose which one you'd like to put your ticket for.
  • The budget for pizzas is around $80 for 6-8 party pizzas.
  • Flyers for the dance have been going home weekly.
  • School Staff are also welcome to help, and attend the Winter Wonderland Dance.
  • PTO is also going to touch base with Pauline McLaughlin (School Librarian) to coordinate efforts so that the PTO can help support the book fair.
  • PTO is looking to schedule a movie night in February on a Friday

SGC Final Notes:

  • We are still in need of more members for SGC- parents, and teachers.
  • At the next meeting we will be looking at some different websites on to see if we can update/streamline the website.

Future following meetings: January 24, March 21, May 16

The next SGC meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 at 5:30 pm!


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