Notes from the School Governance Council Meeting held on

March 21, 2017 (5:30-6:30)

School Governance Council meeting members in attendance:

  • Teachers/staff/school connections: Dr. Lesley Morgan Thompson, Monique Butler, Jennifer Doyon, Molly Waszkelewicz, Margie Williams
  • Parents/Community Connections: Ryan Balancier, Joana Moore, Marilyn Pet, Renee Baisden, Michele Femc-Bagwell from CommPact

SGC Update/Review:

  • Lesley reviewed Next Generation Accountability Report. She explained that the results were of last spring’s smarter balanced testing. 
  • The report measures growth from 3rd to 4th grade in Language Arts and Math. Science testing is only done every 3 years.
  • The report measures 12 indicators- growth/testing/participation rate/chronic absenteeism. Indicators #5-10 are not for the Elementary level so they are blank on our report. Indicator #12 is also blank because all of our students have access to art education.
  • As a result of this report O’Brien was determined to not have an achievement gap.
  • Each school get placed within one of 5 categories.
  • O’Brien was labeled a focus school prior to joining the Commissioner’s Network. We are currently a category 3 school with category 1 being the highest level.

Commissioner’s Network Update:

  • Lesley has been to the subcommittee to extend the commissioner's network. She will be meeting with the state in about a week and a half.
  • There are positions within the school that the district currently isn’t funding because they are under Commissioner’s Network budget, but the district does recognize the importance of continuing with those positions.
  • Marilyn Pet- EHBOE asked for input on how the Commissioner’s Network has worked out since we joined.
    • Teachers who were present at the SGC meeting gave input as to how they felt this has changed our school. Included in the discussion was that training and tools have helped teachers ensure that the students are more successful.
  • Looking ahead to 2017-2018 school year- Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held in October. Open House would be scheduled for early September possibly within the first week of school.
  • We received parent input as to what they’d like to see for the Open House format for next school year.
    • Some parent suggestions included:
      • Parents have a 5 minute time slot to “interview” format with the teacher
      • Using that time to have the personal conversations that don’t get to normally occur at traditional open house nights
      • The next school newsletter may include a tear-off sheet for parents to provide input as to what style they feel would work best.

CommPact Updates:

  • Michelle Femc-Bagwell is in her 3rd year working with O’Brien
  • She spoke of the parent-teacher home visit process and how O’Brien is piloting it here. The national model was based from Sacramento, CA and there is a strong local network in Springfield, MA.
  • Molly Waszkelewicz (4th grade teacher) and Monique Butler (5th grade teacher) have been to multiple trainings on the topic.
  • The goal is to build a partnership of trust in the 100% voluntary process. This is voluntary on both the part of the parents and teachers. The parents have a right to say “yes” or “no” to a visit.
  • As a guideline a teacher will be accompanied with another staff member. Always a teacher, and always 2 staff personnel.
  • This year the team that will be piloting is going to try to have their 1st visit done by June 30th. The stipend for teachers has funding ending on June 30th
  • Eventual goal is to have 2 visits per year.
    • 1st visit- What are your hopes and dreams for the school year for your child
    • 2nd visit- Discuss topics of school work/curriculum based instruction concerns.
  • Visits should be: respectful of the time of teacher and family involved. Visits don’t need to always take place at the family’s home, it can be held in a public place; ex: public library.
  • Teachers involved will start with a parent that they have a greater connection to. Parents you feel you are open to. Reach out to the willing/able. Teachers call the parents to set up initial visits. 

PTO Update/Review from Kory:

  • PTO is in the midst of planning an end of year family event to take place on the weekend.
  • Some thoughts include: Either a trip to the Bronx Zoo, or Silver Lane bowling. Meet here take a coach bus.
  • If the Bronx Zoo is the final option an RSVP would be due back by May 12th from interested parties. If needed parents can do a payment plan.
  • Tentative date: June 10th. The adult accompanying the student would need to be over the age of 18.
  • PTO would be making confirmation phone calls.

The next and final SGC meeting for this school year will be held on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 at 5:30 pm!

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