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High Deductible Health Plan

Health Savings Account

What’s the difference between the Anthem Lumenos High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and the HSA (health savings account)?

The Anthem Lumenos High Deductible Health Plan is the health insurance policy.  It provides coverage for medical & prescription expenses after a deductible is met.    Preventive care is fully covered from the first day the insurance policy is in effect.

The health savings account (HSA) is a bank account where you can set aside money to pay for your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses (medical, prescription, dental, or vision).  An important benefit of this type of account is that the dollars deposited into it are exempt from taxes as long as the funds are used to pay for qualified expenses.

The health insurance and the savings account are not connected.  Anthem has no ties to your HSA, has no knowledge of your account , nor any control over it.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is the amount you pay for health care services before your health insurance begins to pay.  This includes services such as office visits, specialist, prescriptions, laboratory tests, x-rays, etc.

How does Anthem know when I’ve met my deductible?

  • Each time you, or a covered dependent, receive a service (office visit, x-ray, prescription, etc.), the provider of that service files a claim with Anthem.  
  • The negotiated cost of each claim is applied against your deductible.  
  • Once the total of all covered medical & prescriptions drug claims reaches the deductible limit, Anthem will begin paying 100% of your qualified covered medical expenses through June 30th of that year.  You will only be responsible for the applicable prescription drug copays through June 30th. 
  • On July 1 of each year, the deductible re-sets to zero and you begin again.

My HSA balance is now $0.00. Does that mean that I have met my health insurance deductible?

Not necessarilyThe best way to know how much you’ve paid toward the deductible is by logging onto your Anthem profile at www.Anthem.com.

After logging in, click the “Claims” tab, then click the “Deductibles & Out-Of-Pocket Amounts” tab to see the how close you are to meeting your deductible.

You can also call Anthem’s membership services line at 1-888-224-4896.

How do I check my health savings account balance?

On-line banking is a service that is included with your HSA Bank account.  This service gives account holder’s easy access to their funds 24/7.  Using on-line banking, you can check your account balance, pay bills, transfer funds and view your account activity at any time.

How can I set up on-line banking with HSA Bank?

Go to www.hsabank.com.  Click “Member Login” then click “Set Up”. 

How do I add funds to my HSA?

There are three ways to make a deposit to your HSA:

1)     Payroll

Request that Payroll deduct your HSA contributions automatically from your paycheck.  These contributions are “pre-tax”, meaning that your contribution will be withheld before taxes are calculated on your pay.

To request pre-tax payroll contributions, complete the “HSA Contribution Payroll Authorization Form” available on the EHPS Benefits web page.  Forward the completed form to the Benefits Office for processing.

2)     Mail

You can mail your deposit directly to HSA Bank.

Instructions and the HSA Bank deposit form are available on the EHPS Benefits web page under “Forms”.

3)     Local

Because HSA Bank is a division of Webster Bank, accountholders can make deposits through any Webster Bank branch office.

Include the HSA Bank deposit form with your deposit.  The form is available on the EHPS Benefits web page, under “Forms”.

Does Anthem know how much is in my HSA?

No, they do not.  Anthem has no connection to your health savings account.   The HSA is your personal bank account.

Why does Anthem send me the Explanation of Benefits?

The Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is an important tool.  It helps you manage your expenses under the deductible.   Each EOB tells you that a claim has been filed and the specifics of that claim.  It also tells how much you are expected to pay towards that claim.

When you receive a bill from a healthcare provider, compare the bill to the corresponding EOB ensuring that you are being billed correctly.  Once you have confirmed the bill is accurate, send the payment to the provider who has billed you.  Save the bill and the EOB, documenting your expenses for that year.

Am I required to use the money in my HSA to pay my healthcare bills?

Although the money in your HSA can only be used for medical, dental, and vision expenses, there is no requirement to pay your healthcare bills with these funds.   You are free to pay for your expenses in the manner that works best for your family.

I will soon enroll in Medicare. Can I keep my EHPS health insurance?

You may remain covered under the EHPS medical and dental insurance as long as you are employed in a benefits-eligible position. 

However, once enrolled in Medicare, you are no longer eligible to make contributions into a health savings account (HSA).  The funds that you have in your HSA are still available to be used for qualifying expenses, but the IRS will not allow any further tax-free contributions.

What happens to my HSA contributions in the year I turn 65 and enroll in Medicare?

The funds that have been accumulated in your HSA prior to Medicare enrollment can continue to be used for qualified expenses with no penalty.     

Participation in any type of Medicare, makes you ineligible to contribute to an HSA.   During the year you enroll in Medicare, the IRS contribution limit for that year must be pro-rated for the number of months you had an HSA-qualified health insurance policy.  

Can I have a medical FSA and an HSA at the same time?

No, the IRS does not allow participation in an FSA if you are also participating in an HSA.
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