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Team Synergy is Data

At Synergy, we believe our results matter. Please review our Instructional Data Team (IDT) process here.
Below are some key data points that communicate how we are doing.


Attendance Data

Attendance at a Glance -- While we hope every student is present in school every day, recognizing positive attendance trends are important. While Team Synergy will not be happy until we reach our attendance goals, our positive progress is worth noting.


Career Readiness Data

Career Readiness -- After consulting with employers and employees, the career readiness inventory (CRI) was developed to prepare Synergy students for life after high school. Team Synergy believes this metric will help students be college or career ready. Additionally, this data will guide student success plan (SSP) work.






Connectedness Data

Arguably the factor that most influences student success in school is the level of connectedness they feel. For further reading on the topic of connectedness see the following articles: A Case for School Connectedness and a report onSchool Connectedness from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. During every student intake, a baseline connectedness score is generated. Student connectedness is something Synergy staff cares deeply about.






DisciplinE DATA

Consequences are a necessary result of some student actions. In East Hartford and at Synergy School, it is our belief that suspensions should be used only as a last result. By emphasizing restorative discipline practices, the hope is that students can learn to demonstrate skills necessary for success beyond high school. Regular review of discipline, particularly in school and out of school suspension data, helps Synergy to ensure they are programming to the best of our abilities for every child, every day.



One very effective means of reducing the need for discipline is to catch students making positive choices and recognize these positive decisions. The philosophy of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS)is alive and well in East Hartford and within our school. At Synergy, there are three main ways that students can be recognized: (1) Earning a dragon dollar (DD); (2) Earning a positive phone call; or (3) Earning a Core Belief (CB) sheet. 


         Dragon dollars are earned across the day in every classroom. These dollars are cashed in during quarterly PBIS assemblies, random weekly drawings (for a 
         special lunch), etc.

          Positive phone calls are something that Synergy staff do regularly. Whereas traditionally high school parents/guardians are used to hearing from school when
          something is wrong, we try to flip this script. It is common for teachers to make over five positive calls a week.

          Core Belief Sheets are completed by Synergy staff whenever a student displays one of our core beliefs: expectations matter, efforts matter, competence matters,
          solutions matter, relationships matter, and results matter. Each morning during announcements, select students are recognized.

For an example of a school that has made amazing strides due to a commitment to PBIS visit this link.

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