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Mathematics Program

The PreK-12 Mathematics Program focuses on seven general goals for all students: learning to compute accurately, becoming a mathematical problem solver, learning to use technology as a tool for mathematical problem solving, learning to communicate mathematically, learning to reason mathematically, valuing mathematics, and becoming confident in one’s ability to do mathematics. To achieve these goals, students are exposed to a standards-based curriculum that is aligned with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and CT Core State Standards in Mathematics. The elementary curriculum provides students with opportunities to develop, practice, and apply their knowledge and understanding of mathematics by participating in instructional settings that encourage the use of manipulatives, literature, activity-centered instruction, problem-solving, and the appropriate use of technology. 

Elementary Mathematics (PreK-5)

Elementary Mathematics

Mathematics Clipart

PreK-5 Math Background:  East Hartford has exhibited high standards for what students will learn to understand, know and be able to apply with mathematics.  Our elementary mathematics program has provided a strong foundation with basic math facts, concepts and skills to prepare students for the applications and challenges of mathematics in the upper grades and to prepare to become college and career ready students in the 12th grade. The Connecticut Common Core State Standards articulate these expectations with an explicit shift toward rigor, coherence and focus.

East Hartford Public Schools along with other districts in Connecticut and other districts across the United States, has aligned curriculum and instruction with these new standards for Common Core Mathematics expectations. This process began in 2011 with a shift towards the full implementation of the Common Core. 

The Common Core State Standards in mathematics call for a more focused, coherent and rigorous development of concepts. This shift to greater focus will change the way time and energy are spent in the classroom at each grade level. By focusing deeply on fewer concepts rather than broadly in many concepts, students will develop solid conceptual understanding and procedural skill and fluency with number, computation and reasoning as they progress. Some topics will be introduced earlier or later, some omitted, and many will challenge students to have a deeper understanding of mathematics. A strong foundation in the elementary grades will ensure that students are well prepared to handle middle and high school level mathematics and beyond. Teachers and students will be working towards making sense of and thinking critically about mathematics instead of just knowing the rules and following the procedure.  Several support programs, such as FasttMath, Fraction Nation and Do the Math, are implemented to help students achieve at high levels.

Jaime Pitkin
Instructional Specialist for Elementary Math
Phone: (860) 622-5420
Fax: (860) 622-5439
email: pitkin.jl@easthartford.org

Secondary Mathematics (6-12)

Secondary Mathematics

Mathematics Clipart

The math department for East Hartford Public Schools seeks to celebrate the power and beauty of mathematics with every child, every day in order to prepare them for college and careers. To that end, the secondary mathematics curriculum is designed to develop the students’ 21st century skills for learning, in addition to improving their content area expertise. Because achievement in mathematics is considered to be a gateway to success in college and a career, our instruction focuses on developing a mastery of the students’ mathematical skills and concepts as a foundation for life-long learning. In addition, the mathematics department strives to foster a positive growth mindset that will enable students to embrace their accomplishments and be motivated to learn.

Middle School Program

The goal of the middle school mathematics program is to help the students to develop both intellectually and emotionally. Mathematical practices such as reasoning quantitatively, looking for and making use of structure, and attending to precision will support their acquisition of mathematical skills. Another goal is to develop of the habits of mind that will support the students’ academic achievement such as displaying academic perseverance. While perseverance and attending to precision may seem to be the antithesis of a typical middle school student’s character traits, these are key to academic success, and therefore, are an integral component of our approach to instruction.

High School Program

The mathematics program offers a full range of courses, including Advanced Placement classes and other courses that may result in earning college credit. The curriculum is aligned to maximize student achievement. A network of assessments is used to determine growth and provide a basis for data-based decision making. The math department also integrates the use of technology through the regular use of a dedicated computer lab and graphing calculators, which allows the teachers to incorporate real-world examples into their instruction. Instructional practices are student-centered, and our teachers enjoy being supportive of their students as they challenge them to extend their mathematical understanding.

Tod Kenney, Ed.D.
Secondary Supervisor of Mathematics 
Phone: (860) 622-5245
Fax: (860) 622-5225

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