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Frequently Asked Questions

Now that evaluations are online, where do I go to access mine?

What is my username?

Your username is generally your complete work email address. If that does not work, please ask your Supervisor.

What is my password?

To retrieve your password,

  1. Click the “I forgot my password.” link at the login screen
  2. Enter your email address into the box provided
  3. Click the Submit button
  4. Please check your email inbox for a link to reset your password

NOTE: The subject of the email you will receive will be “Reset Password”

What if I still can’t login?

If you are unable to login after following the instructions above, please contact the Assistant Superintendent or Human Resources. They will have access to tools that they can use to solve this issue for you.

Can I access my evaluation from home?

Yes! This system is web based. Type the web link above into your home web browser to access this system from home or anywhere with an internet connection.

Can I keep doing things on paper?

We have made a decision to require all evaluations be conducted online this year. This will reduce the paperwork load in the district. Furthermore this approach will provide you and everyone in the district with a higher degree of transparency. You will be able to complete and sign your evaluations online and you will have open access to your completed evaluations.

How do I complete my evaluation online? What do I click?

  1. Enter your Username and Password then click the GO button to Log into TalentEd Perform.

  2. Click the Tasks tab to see a list of items that may require your attention. Your tasks may include meetings, and/or forms that you need to complete.
  3. To complete your evaluation forms, click GO TO FORM. Repeat for each form.
  4. Complete each field in the form. All fields denoted with a red asterisks * are required.
  5. Click the Save Draft button to save your work if you plan to come back to it later.
  6. Click the Save & Submit button when you are completely done.

Do I need to sign my evaluation? Now that everything is online, how do I do that?

Yes, once your evaluation is ready for your signature you will need to accomplish this in the system. To sign your evaluation, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your Username and Password then click the GO button to Log into TalentEd Perform
  2. Click the Approvals icon (located on the topmost line of icons) 
    • Note: The number of items needing your signature will be denoted by a red number near the icon.
  3. Click the Edit button
  4. Type your full name or initials into the Signature textbox
  5. Add applicable comments (optional)
  6. Click the Submit button

Now that my evaluation is complete, can I access it online? For how long?

Once your evaluation is completed and signed by your Supervisor, you’ll be able to access it online indefinitely, or as long as we have access to this system.

How do I know when something is ready for me to sign?

Anytime you are required to sign or approve anything in Perform, you will receive an email notification.

Once I “sign” a form, it goes to the administrator. Can the administrator change anything on the form?

The administrator cannot change anything on the form when they sign. Human Resources does have the ability to unlock a form at any time, which would allow your principal to make changes however anytime a form is unlocked and changes are made after your signature, the form will be sent through the signature workflow again. In short, you will have to sign again if changes are made.    

Do teachers see the final form after the administrator adds his/her signature?

Once your principal signs, you can see the form with signatures and comments from both parties using your History tab.

What is the difference between “Save Draft” and “Save and Submit”?

Save draft allows you to continue working on the form and will now allow your supervisor to see it. You can continue to make changes and updates to a form in draft mode. Save and Submit locks your form, allows your Supervisor to view it and will kick start a signature workflow (if a signature is required).

How do I print my evaluation?

Your evaluations, once signed by your supervisor, will be available to you in TalentEd Perform in history. To access this history:

  1. Click the My Folder icon
  2. Click the History icon
  3. Click the View button to view each document
  4. Click the Printer icon in each document

There are several evaluations in my history tab. How do I print off all my evaluations at once?

At this time, your past evaluations and related documents will need to be printed individually.

Once I sign my evaluation, can anyone alter it?

No. Once you click the “Save Complete” button on your evaluation, your evaluation is safe and locked to prevent revisions. The only thing that may be ‘added’ would be the signature of your supervisor.

What if I serve in two roles, such as teacher and coach?

Whether you have one supervisor or two or more, all of your evaluations and related documents will be available from your tasks list.

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