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Elementary Health & Physical Education

Grouping of Building Mascots

Elementary (K-5): The elementary physical education program provides instructional experiences and tasks that foster the development of motor skills and knowledge necessary to participate in a variety of physical activities and sports. The health program is a skills based, student centered curriculum that follows CDC guidelines and aligns with Connecticut State and National Health Standards. The skills and knowledge that will be taught in our elementary program will be reinforced and built upon in our secondary health program. The program emphasizes character education and effective communication skills in both physical education and health classes.  Health lessons will also satisfy all state mandates in regards to bullying, substance abuse and human growth and development. Each student in grades K-5 will receive approximately 18-22 health lessons throughout the school year.


In elementary physical education, students participate in a variety of physical activities and experiences that prompt student understanding, application, and assessment of individual performance. Learning experiences focus on motor skill development, concepts and strategies, engagement in activity, fitness, and responsible behavior.


In elementary school health education, students will learn the following: fundamental skills and concepts needed to stay healthy, information about products and services to stay healthy, skills to avoid or reduce health risks, influences on health, ways to communicate effectively, and use the decision-making process and goal-setting to enhance health.  Students engage in a variety of learning activities that promote understanding, support the development of writing and reading, and prompt critical thinking and problem-solving skills in order to demonstrate the understanding of healthy lifestyle choices.


Our Elementary Team: The elementary school Health and Physical Education Staff consists of high quality educators that are experts in the health and wellness field. They are committed to providing learning experiences to assist students in making responsible choices associated with living a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.


Bianco, Toby (Langford, Physical Education)


Brower, David (Silver Lane, Health and Physical Education)


Ehrlich, Gianna (Langford and O’Brien, Health Education)


Forrest, Eric (Goodwin and Pitkin, Health Education)


Higgins, Stephen (O’Brien, Physical Education)


Lawson, Chris (O’Connell, Physical Education)


Nadler, Bob (Woodland, Health and Physical Education)


O'Connor, Carolyn (Mayberry and O’Connell, Health Education)


Pearce, Joseph (Norris, Health and Physical Education)


Rohner, Doug (Mayberry, Physical Education)


Robinson, Julie (Pitkin, Physical Education)


Schlosser, Dru (Goodwin, Physical Education)


Winner, Bari (Woodland, Health and Physical Education)






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