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Posted 05/23/2018 08:27AM

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 What’s Well from Wells Hall

 Volume 6 Issue 10

 May 21, 2018

Dear Friends,

Bring on the May flowers and welcome to the season of celebration, graduation and home stretch to vacation!  The year is truly flying by and we are so pleased with the progress we see on a daily basis in the classrooms, hallways and offices of our district. 

This month we wanted to pause in alignment with our national calendar and take a special moment to recognize our East Hartford Public School employees that do so much good for our kids, our families and our community.  While we certainly never feel it should take a Hallmark moment to show our appreciation, we are especially pleased to take advantage of our official Faculty Appreciation week that we celebrated on 5/7-5/11.  

In East Hartford, we do not distinguish across positions, roles or responsibilities, but rather truly value the vital importance of each of our employees.  For those of us with school age children, it is very easy to understand this appreciation as we put our kids on the bus or hand off a tightly clenched hand to our kindergarten teachers.  We trust our school system to watch over our most precious loved ones and work with us to make sure our kids get the educational opportunities they deserve.  We trust our educators to deliver the good news, be gentle with the bad news and to always have hope for what can be.  We thank the teacher, the paraprofessional, the tutor, the nurse, the secretary, the counselor, the custodian, the security officer, the coach and the principal for their grace, energy and passion.  We appreciate the fact that they know your kids’ names, work hard to make them feel welcome in our schools and greet them with a smile…even when we are running late or they’ve forgotten their lunch bag for the 100th time.  We also appreciate their work, attitude, patience and resilience.  We are truly fortunate to have a system filled with such high quality individuals in service of children.  

This month, we encourage our readers to take a moment to thank an EHPS faculty member—let them know you appreciate them and the impact they are having on your child.

If we can be of service to you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience, Mr. Hall – 860-622-5017, Mr. Quesnel – 860-622-5107

With great East Hartford pride!

Signature of Bryan Hall, Board of Education Chairman Signature of Nathan Quesnel, Superintendent of Schools

Bryan R. Hall
Board of Education Chairman       
East Hartford Public Schools

Nathan Quesnel
East Hartford Public Schools 
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