Staff Spotlight: Katie Buttero
Posted on 05/05/2022
Katie Buttero

Staff Spotlight: Katie Buttero

Katie Buttero is an acceleration specialist at Goodwin Elementary School. After 14 years in the classroom, including 8 years teaching 4th grade in East Hartford, she is excelling in this new role.

“What it means to be an acceleration specialist to me is someone who gets to work with our neediest of students. The students that are struggling right now with reading and just being able to give them the support, the extra support that they need on top of the wonderful supports they’re receiving in the classroom,” said Buttero.

This role was created to work with those students who fell behind in literacy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Principal Dan Brodeur says Buttero was an ideal candidate.

“She’s perfect for what we’ve had in mind,” said Principal Brodeur. “Somebody who’s got experience, sort of a veteran leader teacher, somebody who knows the programs that we do, somebody who’s good with kids, and most importantly, somebody with the energy to be going non-stop all day long to get as much possible achievement out of the kids.”

Buttero was interested in the role because she was looking for an opportunity to make a greater impact beyond her individual classroom.

“I am so grateful because I’m working with so many students and feeling like I am making a difference in more than just my 18-27 kids. I’m really impacting hopefully their ability to read for the rest of their lives,” said Buttero.

“She’s clearly identified herself as a leader. I see her as a leader in the field going forward. I see her helping kids in a lot of different capacities for the rest of her career. The fact that she’s able to do it here at Goodwin with these kids who’ve shown a need is fantastic for us,” said Brodeur.

Buttero says it has been very fulfilling to witness the progress her students have made this year.

“My heart is exploding with happiness because when we started it was a very slow road and I knew that they just needed the time, they needed the extra time, which I can give them,” said Buttero.

“It is the best feeling in the world.”