Intramural Sports Program Open to All at EHMS
Posted on 03/03/2023
Intramural Basketball at EHMS

Shooting, dribbling, passing, plus teamwork and sportsmanship: These are some of the skills East Hartford Middle School students are developing during their after school intramural sports program.

The program is open to all students, including Special Education students, who really enjoy having fun and playing sports with their regular education peers.

Staff members like School Psychologist Lindsay Wells stay after school to support the program.

“Students love the opportunity to move their bodies and get some energy out,” said Wells. “As staff, it’s really nice to have time outside of the classroom with them engaging in fun activities.”

In addition to basketball, the intramural sports program includes indoor soccer, swimming, flag football and other activities. No tryouts are required. Any student can play.

Supervisor of Special Education at EHMS Maria Kennedy said, "Intramurals provide every student with the benefits of health and wellness, opportunities to learn about working as a team, and exposure to social interactions in a fun, structured way."