EHPS Math Supervisor Wins Statewide Leadership Award
Posted on 06/10/2024
Bob Janes and CAS Assistant Executive Director for School Services Tiffany Caouette

Secondary Mathematics Curriculum Supervisor for East Hartford Public Schools Bob Janes has won the Outstanding Leadership Award from the Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS). This award honors an educator in a leadership position, who is not an acting principal or assistant principal, who demonstrates excellent instruction and leadership in use of innovative practices, ability to overcome situational obstacles, development of a vision and/or willingness to take risks. 

On May 28, CAS Assistant Executive Director for School Services Tiffany Caouette surprised Janes during his faculty meeting at East Hartford High School to announce he had won the award. Math teachers in his department and district leadership colleagues had nominated him earlier this school year. Their nomination was then reviewed and selected by the CAS Committee. 

"Bob Janes is an extremely hard-working, charismatic, and dedicated professional who embodies outstanding leadership. Throughout his tenure at EHPS, he has fostered an environment where teachers feel supported to create inquiry-based classrooms and where students feel safe taking educational risks in the pursuit of excellence," they wrote.

In their nomination, they also spoke to the coaching he offers his teachers, professional learning opportunities he develops, and his tireless work to ensure that all East Hartford students receive an equitable mathematics education. 

Janes has served in his supervisor role at EHPS since 2018. Earlier this year, he was awarded the Associated Teachers of Mathematics in Connecticut (ATOMIC) Mari Muri Award.

Janes said, "It’s exciting that CAS has recognized all of the hard work that has gone into the math curriculum, instruction, and assessment at East Hartford, but to be honest, it’s our awesome math teachers that put it all into action. Our teachers have increased assessment scores, implemented equitable supports for an ever-changing population of students, strengthened our connections to local colleges and universities, and opened up new opportunities for our high school seniors. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of our math teachers for supporting, and sometimes challenging, our collective vision."