An important letter from Superintendent Quesnel to the EHPS Community written on August 4, 2020:
COVID ReOpening 3.0 Community 12/11/20.pdf
COVID ReOpening 3.0 Community 12/11/20 Spanish.pdf

EHPS Re-Opening Plan:
Updated 8/22/20:
English Version: EHPS COVID-19 ReOpening Plan-Updated 8-22-20.pdf
Spanish Version: EHPS COVID_19 ReOpening Plan Updated-8-22-20 SPANISH.pdf

EHPS Re-Opening Plan FAQs:
English Version: EHPS Reopening Plan- FAQs.pdf
Spanish Version: EHPS Reopening Plan- FAQs-Spanish.pdf
Updated 9/03/20:
English Version: EHPS Reopening Plan- FAQ Updated 9-03-20.pdf
Spanish Version: EHPS Reopening Plan- FAQ Updated 9-03-20 - Spanish.pdf

Reduced Enrollment Calendar:
English/Spanish Version: Reduced Enrollment Calendar  
English/Spanish Version: Quarter 3 - Reduced Enrollment Calendar