Grades 6-8 Student Learning Plans:

On the Grades 6-8 Learning Plan page of the DLP, EHPS has organized the weekly learning (lessons, assignments and resources) for middle school students. These assignments will be updated every Monday as well as archived in case a student is unable to complete a particular lesson.

In Phase I of the DLP (March 16- March 27), your child was reinforcing his/her learning through the activities shared by his/her school principal in the Supplemental Learning Plan. Phase II of the DLP (March 30- April 9) transitions your child back school in an online learning environment.

Content posted during this time will be mostly review and is designed to determine your child’s ability to use technology at home to interact with his/her teachers and to submit work. All assignments completed during Phase II of the DLP will enhance the quarter 3 grade. 

For questions or concerns regarding the content posted for students, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Anne Marie Mancini, Deputy Superintendent of Secondary Schools, at