Student Resources:

Our Student Learning Plan will provide continuous learning, structure, and connection for all students. The DLP learning opportunities may be accessed using electronic devices such as computers, tablets, cell phones, and even an Xbox that is connected to the internet. We also anticipate regular evaluation of our practices as this public health crisis continues to evolve.

Parents, please visit the website for the most up-to-date information. Families in need of printed copies of materials should reach out to their school principal or family liaison. 


                     Please click on the icons below to access the student resources by grade and digital citizenship


                              Digital Citizenship Student Expectations  PreK-Grade 5 Distance Learning Plans  Grades 6-8 Distance Learning Plans   Grades 9-12 Distance Learning Plans        DLP Pre-K to Grade 5 Grades 9-12 Distance Learning Plan Grades 6-8 Distance Learning Plan Grades Pre-K -5 Distance Learning Plans
Pre-K-Grade 5 Distance Learning Plans Grades 6-8 Distance Learning Plans Grades 9-12 Distance Learning Plans