Food Service Overview:

East Hartford Public Schools has partnered with Sodexo Services to manage the Food Services program and provide breakfast and lunch at all of the East Hartford Public Schools, in accordance with USDA and state regulations. All of the East Hartford Public Schools participate in the Community Eligibility Program and all children have the option to receive free breakfast and lunch.

The East Hartford Public Schools and Sodexo are committed to the health and well-being of our students. We pride in providing quality, nutritious, and healthy meal options that students will enjoy. We work closely with a variety of regional local vendors to procure both regionally & locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables as well as locally sourced items such as baked goods, dairy products and specialty products, when available, to meet the needs of our meal program. We are committed to improving services wherever possible and enhancing the meal experience for our students.

If you have questions about our Food Service Program, or would like to provide suggestions, we welcome your feedback. Please contact or Food Service Director, Shari-Lynn Staeb at or call (860)568-4252.

Sodexo offers an online website to provide students and parents updated information about our menu options, well-being tips and promotions, as well as what is happening locally in your community. We also now have links for allergens and nutritional information too. Everything on the nutrition site can be accessed anywhere and anytime via phones and tablets.

Click on the Sodexo's online program link below:

EHPS SodexoMyWay


Shari-Lynn Staeb
General Manager

Frank Greene
Food Production Manager

Kathy Carr
Food Services Manager

Carolyn Pancarowicz
Registered Dietician

Christine Brennan 
Unit Controller