Community Resources:

On this page you’ll find information and resources in and around our community which are available for your use as your home becomes education central for your children. Many families are now facing unemployment. Also, the requirement to socially isolate has led to many of us being disconnected from our communities and networks that we rely on for support.

The School District’s East Hartford CONNects (EHC) Initiative can offer guidance to any East Hartford resident who has lost their job or is looking for a new one. EHC offers free consultations for residents looking for employment, training, or going back to school at any level. We partner with local and regional stakeholders, including employers, service providers and policy makers to get you the resources you need for your family to thrive.

Join our mailing list to receive a once weekly email that brings you resources and updates that change each week, including: job opportunities, free workshops and training series, current events and updates surrounding Covid 19, and ways to connect with your community and have your voice heard. EHC also hosts a monthly Resident Advisory Council meeting, now convening virtually the third Thursday of every month, to connect with neighbors and community leaders and hear from speakers on a variety of topics that include financial literacy and improving your advocacy skills. These monthly meetings are organized and facilitated by residents and we’d love to hear from you.

To connect for a Career Consultation, join our mailing list, or get an invite to our monthly Resident Advisory Council meeting please or call (860) 371-7984. Se Habla Espanol!

A Tribute To Our Lunch Heroes On The Front Line!

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