Grades 9-12 Student Learning Plans:

On the Grades 9-12 Learning Plan page of the Distance Learning Plan (DLP), EHPS has organized the weekly learning (lessons, assignments and resources) for high school students. These assignments will be updated every Monday as well as archived in case a student is unable to complete a particular task.

East Hartford Public Schools has now entered Phase III of its Distance Learning Plan (DLP).  During Phase III of the DLP, students are expected to follow a regular, yet flexible schedule.  Fridays are reserved for check-ins with teachers, school counselors and/or social workers and for completing any assignments that were not finished during the week.  While content will continue to be posted on this website for families, all students should now be accessing lessons and tasks using Google Classroom.  Should students have any questions about their work, they can use their EHPS Gmail accounts to contact their teachers, or they can set up an appointment to participate in a video conference or phone call during Office Hours (posted in their Google Classroom).

During Phase III of the DLP, teachers will begin to use some different instructional methods.  Understanding the powerful role that more personal interactions have in the learning process, instead of simply posting assignments in Google Classroom as they did in Phase II, teachers may ask students to watch a pre-recorded video of themselves introducing a new idea or concept.  A teacher might also send students an invite to participate in a Google Hangout to clarify content, provide additional explanation, and/or to get feedback. Regardless of the technology being used, appropriate behavior and interactions are always expected (see Digital Citizenship: EHPS Student Expectations for Distance Learning) on the part of the student.

Engagement and effort are very important during the DLP!   While it is not formally tracked during this time, student attendance is being monitored through check-ins with members of our Support Team and by teachers through the submission of assignments. EHPS has modified its grading policy for the 4th quarter so that, for each assignment, all students will be scored in every class using a rubric that measures the “two Cs”: Commitment to Learning (Effort) and Content Accuracy (Content).  Both parts of the assignment will be worth the same (50%/50%) toward the overall grade.

Throughout the distance learning process, it is critical that all students remain in communication with our team about their questions and any needs they may have.  We strongly encourage them to reach out for help from our teachers, our Student Support Teams, and our leaders.  Should they need assistance with technology, please email

For questions or concerns regarding the content provided, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Anne Marie Mancini, Deputy Superintendent, Secondary Schools at

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