Grades 6-8 Student Learning Plans:

East Hartford Public Schools has entered its final week of its Distance Learning Plan (DLP).  During Week 10, or the time between June 8-12, students are only being asked to make up any missing assignments they may have for their classes.  The best way to determine if they have outstanding work is to check PowerSchool.  Another way to determine if assignments are missing is to log into each teacher’s Google Classroom page to see if every one of a student’s “Classwork” tasks have been submitted.  Finally, if a student has a question about whether or not all of his/her work has been turned in, it is always a good idea to email one or more of the teachers to ask.  All assignments are due by Tuesday, June 9 at 3:00 p.m.  

All students have an opportunity to earn extra credit in English Language Arts class by completing a survey that is designed to provide the district with feedback on the implementation of our Distance Learning Plan. The survey can be found in the Classwork tab of each English teacher’s Google Classroom page.  In order to receive credit for completing it, the survey must be submitted by June 9th at

3:00 p.m.

East Hartford Public Schools wants to wish all students a safe and enjoyable summer!  Information about our summer programs, including summer enrichment and summer school, can be found here.        

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