If you reside in someone else's home, a Certificate of Residency form is REQUIRED to register your child into East Hartford Public Schools. Certificate of Residency Forms must be renewed on or before July 1st of every year.

If you are unsure whether you have the appropriate documents to register your child for school within the East Hartford Public School District or you need additional information, please contact the Central Registration Office for assistance.

You can demonstrate that you live in the East Hartford Public School District by providing Central Registration with one item from each of the three categories below. All items must be less than 60 days old and reflect the current address.

Category A Category B Category C (Suggestions)
Current mortgage statement and/or mortgage coupon book

Current utility bill (gas, electric, or propane) or work order showing service address

A second utility bill
Copy of current lease signed and dated Phone bill (landline only)

A valid driver's license with current address (no stickers)

Declaration from landlord affirming tenancy and copy of current rent payment:

Cable, satellite service, or internet provider bill

Valid Connecticut non-driver's photo-identification with address
Section 8 agreement Water bill Voter registration
Copy of property deed
Cell phone bill - (not older than 60 days)

Property tax bill

All items must be less than 60 days old and reflect the current address Current homeowner's or auto insurance policy face page

Current payroll stub

Current bank or credit card statement

Current letter from a government agency (e.g., military, Social Security)

Change of address confirmation card from the post office

Delivery receipt

Storage bill

Any other form of documentation relevant to demonstrating residence in East Hartford.

Note: We cannot accept self-addressed envelopes, "Shut Off" notices or "junk mail." If you do not have three items from the categories above, we will work with you to find acceptable documents to establish residency.

Central Registration email: [email protected]

If you currently reside in some else's home, you must provide a Certificate of Residency Form
to confirm you live inside the school district.

Certificate of Residency Forms should you reside in someone else's home: