Technology and Curriculum Committee Members
Name     Title   Email
Paul Mainuli     Director of Business Services
Guy Collins     Information Technology Supervisor            
Sarah Brzozowy     Administration Data Analyst
Allison Anderson     Assistant Principal - Scheduler
E Rosa Bustamante     Executive Secretary
Ana Campoverde     Executive Secretary
Linda Carlson     Secondary Special Education 
Jocelyn Claudio      Programmer Analyst
Francis Ferrall     Magnet Technology Education
Gregory Fox     Principal O'Connell School
Diana Gascon     Secondary English
Melissa Gavarrino     Department Head - Secondary Science
Oksana Hart     Executive Secretary  
Lia Hickey       Elementary Kindergarten
David Jepsen     Programmer Analyst 
Dana Kinel     Secondary Technology
Stacy Leone     Secondary Science
Thomas Lonsdale        Secondary Science
Cheryl Looke     Information Technology
Jaime Prokop             Elementary Technology
Gillian Rondinone     Secondary Technology Education  
Matthew Ryan     Principal High School
Donna Sahlberg     Supervisor Support Services
Frank Staples     Department Head - Guidance 
Eric Stefanowicz      Educational Data Specialist
Carrie Van de Berg     Executive Secretary
Michelle Vigue     Department Head - Career & Tech Ed
Cynthia Williams     Secondary English
Susan Zingler      Secondary School Counselor









The District Technology and Curriculum Committee will continue current work in developing and overseeing the Three Year Technology Plan. The plan focuses on the procurement and deployment of hardware, software, and infrastructure as well as the appropriate linkages to educational technology practices. Along with enhancing the current elementary curriculum technology, the committee will also move forward to bring this work into the secondary level. Finally, the committee will also work to explore future technological innovations that can enhance learning for students in the classroom.   The District Technology and Curriculum Committee plans to add more members in the FY 2016-17 school year to support the technological innovations planned over the next three years and ensure a cross-section of volunteer district faculty and stakeholders.