East Hartford Public Schools Strategic Plans

At East Hartford Public Schools (EHPS), we believe that a visionary, strategic plan that clearly communicates the priorities of district work is the cornerstone for organizational success.  We believe that this plan must be grounded in the vision of the community, highlight current strengths and importantly focus on growth.  We know this plan must be led by capable individuals at all organizational levels and supported by appropriate resources.  We know that when we achieve the dynamic combination of great plans, quality people and appropriate resources, students achieve.

At EHPS, our Strategic Plans break down into three focused documents that align to successfully communicate our vision to the work that actually happens in our schools and classrooms.

A continuum of planning and initiative = A continuum of Results and Achievement
3 Parts Arrow Continuum

/UserFiles/Servers/Server_19398796/Image/About Us/Strategic Plans/EH2020 SPP.jpg District Improvement Plan (DIP): Annual operating plan for district level work developed in alignment to EH2020 School Improvement Plans (SIP): Annual operating plan for school level work developed in alignment with the DIP/EH2020